The Nomads Bus – Summer Adventure Tour

3 Month during road trip from Bordeaux to Oviedo and back with weekly stops close to an airport to hop on the bus.

Feel like having an adventure on wheels?





Where are we now?

Check out the map below to find out where your next adventure might start.

The only thing we can promise you is that not one week with us will ever be the same. Ah and one thing is for sure it will be somewhere in Europe.

    1Bordeaux, FranceJuly 9, 2016July 9, 2016
    2Biarritz, FranceJuly 16, 2016July 16, 2016
    3Bilbao, SpainJuly 16, 2016July 30, 2016
    4Santander, SpainJuly 30, 2016August 13, 2016
    5Oviedo, SpainAugust 13, 2016August 27, 2016
    6Santander, SpainAugust 27, 2016September 10, 2016
    7Bilbao, SpainSeptember 10, 2016September 24, 2016
    8Bilbao, SpainSeptember 17, 2016October 1, 2016
    9Biarritz, FranceOctober 1, 2016October 8, 2016

    Who are we?

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    • Passionate rider & seasoneer in the European Alps

    Can you keep us up to date on your mountain’s snow conditions and show us your favourite spots during the winter of 2016-2017?

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    This certainly sounds like an adventure and we would be proud to sponsor with you as your official sock.  Looking forward to working with you. Dave Disher — Darn Tough

    Sounds like a really great project for sure! Kevin Sansalone — Sandbox

    We would love to be involved, sounds like a great project. James Greenway — Misguided Fools

    We would love to be your official energy partner. Let’s team up. Chad Kendrick - Goalzero