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The first pow-chasing hostel

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About 3 years ago during our travels in Guatemala, we asked ourselves: ‘What if we would convert an American schoolbus into a mobile pow-chasing hostel and try to make a living out of it?’

At the beginning we just laughed about it, although we secretly wished this dream might turn into reality one day. As the days went by we began to talk more and more about the feasibility of this project and at one point we decided to go for it. ‘Hell yeah! Why not?‘ was our main sentiment about the whole thing.

The original idea was to drive through the Rockies and along the Powder Highway in Canada, but after extensive research we came to the conclusion that Europe was probably the better option for us Europeans, if we really wanted to make this happen.

And so the plan went forward, we traveled towards Florida to buy a bus and shipped it to Belgium to convert it in the summer. Sometimes it feels like the work load is never-ending and it probably is a bit too much for two people, but we are determined to keep creating unforgettable moments. Luckily we have a lot of support from the online an offline community who help us out whenever they can. It is a real blessing to get so much support from friends, family and sponsors. We love you all guys! Seriously, we really do.

We are starting our second winter tour in december and will bring a smile on the face of everyone who will be a part this.

We hope to see you on the bus!!