?> The best kept secret about dogs

Is it hard to cross borders with a dog? This is a question I get asked quite a lot.
Does your dog have a passport? Is a question I almost never get and when I answer with ‘Yes, of course, he has a passport!’ people don’t really know how to react, because they don’t know if I am serious. But when I show them the actual passport, most of the time I get a smiling reaction a long the lines of ‘That’s brilliant’. And, as matter a fact, it really is. Not only does it contain all there is to know about him, in terms of which vaccines and official medical check-ups he recently had, it also contributes to our credibility as conscious dog owners. Someone just told me that you get a lot more respect when crossing borders if you are wearing a suit on the picture of your passport and that this little thing can make border crossings a lot easier. Well, Lewis’ passport kind of has the same function as the suit, it enhances the chances of him being regarded as a healthy animal. So, if you want to travel with your dog and are going to cross a lot of borders, make sure you get a dog passport and don’t forget to put his/her picture in it to make it even more official. It will make the more stressful crossings a lot less stressful.
Buen Viaja!

Ps: And ss you can see on his passport, Lewis’s official name is Quintis. 😉