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Most asked questions
By booking a stay on The Nomads Bus you agree to the terms and conditions.

How can I pay my booking online?

You can pay using Paypal, which accepts every major credit card.

Can I cancel my holiday?

Yes , cancelation fees are:

  • More than 6 weeks prior to departure: 50€
  • Less than 6 weeks prior to departure: 30% of the total
  • Less than 4 weeks prior to departure: 50% of the total
  • Less than 2 weeks prior to departure: 75% of the total
  • Less than one week or a no show: 100% of the total

Can I change the date of my holiday?

Yes, up to a month prior to departure, if the new date and location are still available: fee 50€

Can I book extra options (sheets, lessons, meals, … etc.) on the spot?

Yes, while stocks last. You can pay in cash on the spot.

I reserved my bed through the crowd funding campaign, how do I book my stay?

You can use the code you received by email when you book on-line.

I reserved my bed through the crowd funding campaign, how far in advance do I have to choose the date and location of my holiday?

There is no limit, however, the sooner you book the more likely you will get to pick your favourite date/location.

Can I prolong my stay?

Yes, you can, if a bed is available.

Can I shorten my stay?

Yes you can, see cancelation policies.

Are there group discounts?

Yes if you fill the bus with 5 people who all book the same package everyone gets a 10% discount.

Bus policies
Can I use unlimited electricity?

If we are connected to the net, depending on location, electricity can be used unlimited. However, sometimes we will have to power everything solely on solar energy. When we are depending solely on solar energy, the electricity will be limited and you might, in worst case, have to charge your laptop or phone in a bar. In general when the sun is shining we can use the 220V outlets all of the time, at night it will be limited to 12V outlets, which is still fine to charge your phone for example.

Can I use the kitchen?

Valerie is the head of the kitchen, in general she will be using it a lot since breakfast and dinner is included in the price and lunch is optional. However, you can use the kitchen to make coffee or tea all day long and to cook as well, just make sure you check it with Tim or Val if the kitchen is available.

What does limited Wifi means?

We will have an Internet dongle on board, providing us with a few GB per month (if we have network coverage, since we’ll be parked in remote locations this is not always guaranteed). It should be strong enough to check your email/Facebook but not enough to stream videos, download or Skype.

Play for the past not for the future. Enjoy the time in the bus without the complications of modernity. Play an instrument, read a book, write a letter. Kick it old school.

Do I need to return to the bus before a specific time at night?

No, we just expect you to respect the sleeping needs of the other Nomads.

Can I smoke in the bus?

No, you can not. You can easily step outside and smoke there of course.

What is the minimum age without guidance?

You can join the bus as a minor from age 17 with permission of your parents.

Can I bring my children?

Yes you can, please contact us in advance.

Can I bring a pet?

No cats. Dogs and colourful exotic animals are up for discussion.

What kind of dog do you have?

Our dog is named Lewis and  he has travelled to 12 different countries in his young (4 year old) life. He is a Swiss Mountain dog, Entlebucher Sennenhond. He loves the snow and joins us whenever possible when we go riding. He easily adapts to new circumstances and we promise you will fall in love.

The Entlebucher is an uncomplicated, robust dog with an intelligent expression and a good character. He is astonishingly agile and reacts extremely quickly. His shiny tricolour coat (brown, white and black) is short, which means that he does not moult heavily and there is little smell when he comes in from the rain.. Training an Entlebucher is not difficult as he is very attentive, obedient and learns quickly. Moreover, he loves children and loves playing with them for hours on end. However, he does not need to be exercised excessively and can be kept in a flat without problems. This loveable and affectionate dog enjoys being with his “family“. In a Word: A down-to-earth dog who will give his owners a lot of joy and few problems.

Can I go on the bus during the day when everybody is out?

Yes, you get your own key to the bus and belly storage. (50€ deposit.)

Is there a locked place to store my skis/snowboard?

Yes, there is locked storage in the belly of the bus. You will get your own key. (50€ deposit, incl. key to the bus)

Bus specifics
Will the bus be warm enough?

Yes, there will be a Kimberly Stove with an EPA emissions rating of a mere 3.2 grams/hr and top output this stove is the most powerful, clean burning stove presently available!

  • Burns up to 8 hours on a single load of fuel
  • Produces up to 40,000 BTU’s
  • Heats up to 1500 square feet.

Is a woodstove in the bus safe?

Yes, the Kimberly woodstove is EPA approved and UL listed.

Is there a first aid kit on board?

Yes, and if we can’t provide the needed medical equipment we will help you to find a good doctor.

Is there a covered area at the side of the bus?

Yes, there will be an awning at the side of the bus, which creates the après-ski area.

What kind of blanket do I get?

A down duvet and a Mexican hand-made quilt.

Can I relax on the roof?

Yes, besides serving a storage area for ski and snowboard gear the bus can be used as a deck with camping chairs.

Are there seatbelts for every passenger?

Yes, all passenger seats are following European safety regulations.

How does the compost toilet work and isn’t it smelly?

The key is found in the simplicity and genius of the design features of this toilet:

  • It separates the liquids from the solids, thereby eliminating the #1 reason of odors
  • It has forced ventilation that promotes the composting process and ventilates the room
  • It is waterless and self-contained, eliminating the need for plumbing or holding tanks.

…Thus making this truly an odorless toilet!

How can I dry my gear?

There will be a drying rack near the wood stove.

What if there is no sun for the solar system?

We will have two generators; with the intention of charging one (by sun or by plugging into a wall) while the other is in use. So if there is no sun, we will look for a building where we can charge the generators or we might be parked where we can hook-up the bus on electricity.

Are there shower facilities and a toilet on the bus?

Yes, there will be a shower, a compost toilet and a washbasin.

Depending on location, if we’re hooked up on a water source showers can be frequent however when it’s hard to get/heat water showers will be limited and we might have to go to an aquatic center.

Even if we’re hooked up, please respect the RV situation and take short showers.

There will always be an option to wash your self in the bathroom with stove-heated water.


What kind of food can I expect when I book ‘Healthy home-made breakfast and dinner’?

All meals and drinks will be as organic and local as possible and made by Val with a lot of love and no meat. The courses change from week to week and from season to season.



  • Coffee/tea and milk
  • Val’s famous Mexican style breaky
  • Pancakes
  • Toasties
  • Porridge
  • Granola, yogurt and fruit


  • Risotto
  • Lasagne
  • Stir fry
  • Stoemp with special sause (Belgian dish)


Come and taste the food if you really want to know how good it is!

What should I not forget to bring?

  • If your didn’t book this: sheets and towels
  • Passport picture for lift passes
  • Passport or ID
  • Insurance papers and EHIC
  • Headlamp if you go on night adventures
  • Avalanche gear if you want to go off-piste
Insurance questions

What kind of insurance do I need?

Adequate and appropriate Travel Insurance is essential for your protection. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance cover you purchase is adequate and appropriate for the particular needs of you and your party. It is a condition of this booking that you must forward a copy of your insurance arrangement to us by email (info@letsbenomads.com) as soon as practicable and in any event no later than seven days before your Departure Date. We are under no obligation to verify the adequacy of your insurance cover.


The EHIC can be used to cover any necessary medical treatment due to either an accident or illness within the European Economic Area (EEA). The EHIC entitles the holder to state-provided medical treatment within the country they are visiting. It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure they have an EHIC.

Please go to the EHIC website or any post office and take your National Insurance number or NHS number to complete the application.

Please note, it is your responsibility to make sure you have the correct details of your insurance policy on your ski trip. We are here to help but you are fully responsible for your safety and belongings, you agreed this at the time of booking.

We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover medical costs, third party liability and cancellation charges.

What happens when I go backcountry and have an accident?

Make sure you have the proper avalanche gear, knowledge and insurance when you go off-piste. For example in France you can buy insurance (carre neige, 2,80€/day) when you buy your lift pass. The costs when you have an accident can be enormous, make sure are properly insured!

What happens when I have an injury on the slopes?

Injuries on the slope can be very costly if you do not have the proper insurance: helicopter (1650€), ski patrol (180€), ambulance (330€) and the doctors. Make sure you are properly insured:

Luggage questions
How much luggage can I bring?

A snowboard bag, piece of hand luggage and a normal bag/backpack, no suitcases please. You can of course bring as many Belgian treats (we love chocolate and beers) or other specialties from you home country for us as you want.

Please acknowledge the fact that we have limited storage space.

I’m an independent company and would like to support your journey, where do I find more info?

We are stoked you want to be on board. Contact us and we get in touch asap and send you more info.

I would like to write an interview/article about your company, where do I find more info?

Awesome idea! Contact us and we’ll schedule an appointment.

 Is there a return/refund policy?

30 days, shipping costs not included.

What are the measurements of the different sizes of the clothing?

Sweater (Unisex):


Woman’s T


Men’s T


What do you do with the profits of the shop?

All of the profit we make will be reinvested into the Nomads Bus or into sustainable projects around the world.

Travel questions
What is the minimum length of stay on the bus?

The minimum stay is one night

What is the maximum length of stay on the bus?

There is no maximum, and if you want to stay for more than two weeks we can offer you a discount. Contact us for more info.

Is it possible to book a trip alone?

Yes, this is no problem, it’s actually one of the things we want to create: an environment where people get to know each other through epic adventures.

Where can I get on the bus?

Each sector has its own pickup point at the train station or airport (Austria-Innsbruck, Switzerland-Bern, France-Chambéry) .

The pick-up and drop-off are only included in the All-in Week Package on Saturdays, or can be chosen as optional booking (please contact us).

If it’s not a Saturday or you choose to get to the bus by yourself we will help you to find the best/cheapest way of public transport.

How flexible is the week itinerary, can we change to another resort whenever we want?

Changing resorts is a group decision. We can drive to another resort whenever the groups would like this, even at night.

The 4 day Package has one transfer included; The 7 day Package has 2 transfers included.

When the amount of transfers is exceeded or is not included the costs will be divided by the number of Powder Nomads on board: on average it will be around 10 € per person per transfer.

If, for example, there are 3 Powder Nomads on board who booked the All-in Week Package and who would like to use their 2nd transfer and two Powder Nomads booked the Flexible package then LbN will pay on behalf of the All-in Nomads and the Flexible Nomads have to chip in 10€ each.

How do I get to the pick-up point and back home?

Getting there and back is you own responsibility but luckily there are many options:

When is the check-in/check-out?

  • Check-in: Flexible
  • Checkout: Flexible

For the week Package this is flexible but the standard drop-off /pick-up will be at 12am.

Can we arrange a pick-up/drop-off time?

If you are a group of five people we can change the pick-up/drop-off time and day to your liking. (Costs only included in the All-in Week Package).

The Saturday drop-off/pick-up time/location can be arranged in accordance to the departing group.

What happens when people with different packages get on the bus together?

Everybody will get what they booked in their package. The only difference is that people with a week package will have a bit more included. Others can book optionally on the spot.

How do we get to the hill from the bus?

In every resort there are busses driving towards the hill. In general this is included in your ski pass.

How far is the pickup from the bus and how do we get to the bus?

If the pick-up is not included in your package and you are responsible to get to the bus by own means of transport we will help you to find a good/cheap solution. The bus will always be in a driving range of two hours. Bear in mind it’s winter, so snow can delay your journey.

Are the parking costs inclusive?

Yes they are.

Why is my lift pass not included?

We have chosen not to include the lift pass, because prices vary too much from resort to resort and we might even decide not to buy one and hike up ourselves.

Can I literally pick any resort?

Yes, as long as the resort is in reasonable driving distance from the pick-up point. All transfers are a group decision.

Can I go backcountry/off-piste?

Yes, but this is your own responsibility and make sure that you have the proper insurance, avalanche gear and knowledge.

What if?
What happens if the bus has an accident and I get injured?

Our insurance will cover the medical costs that your health insurance doesn’t cover. For example, the costs are 500€, your mutual health insurance pays back 260€, our insurance will cover 240€. Our insurance will only cover the extra costs if you have a mutual insurance in you home country.

What if the bus breaks down on the road?

In case the bus breaks down we’ll do anything in our power to fix it as soon as possible, however we insist that everyone who books a trip with us has the appropriate travel insurance, one that covers your stay in a hostel or arranges a car during the time time the bus is being repaired. There will be no refunds in case of a breakdown. If you don’t have travel insurance, ours can offer one for every passenger on board the bus. For two euros a day with a minimum of 20 euros a week you get an insurance through our Belgian insurance VAB which covers all European guests with a European address who stay on the bus (also Swiss and the UK). Most important is, that in case of a bus brake down you get 75 Euros per person per day for max 7 days to spend on accommodation or transport. This way you can find your own way back to an airport or have a nice place to sleep if needed. You could then even continue your journey on your own if you prefer. It also offers other travel insurance features like medical assistance and ski pass insurance. Of course we hope this never happens but we personally believe the 2 euros a day are worth it.

In case you do not take the insurance all costs during a brake down are at your own risk. Flights, with or without, insurance are always for your own risk and we advise you to find a suitable travel insurance to cover flights.

If you would like this insurance please send me the full names of the people you want to insure and we’ll take care of the rest. The latest a day in advance of your arrival at the bus. You can pay on the bus or you can wire the amount if you prefer
Who are you?
val2Val: I have been skiing since I was two years old. Even though I grew up in one of the flattest countries in the world I was blessed to go skiing in Switzerland at least once a year with my family. When I turned 13 I participated in a few ski camps in Austria, which enabled me to ski every winter holiday (a total of 4 weeks). At the young age of 15 the organisation(Jeugd 2000) recognised my talent as an instructor and this made me the youngest ski camp instructor ever at J2. All the way through high school I taught kids how to ski, this passion made it even easier for me to go back to the snow as much as possible.

Immediately after graduating from high school I started traveling around the world and ended up doing my first full winter season as a rental technician in Fernie, Canada. The next winter I went Down Under for 6 months and enjoyed the Aussie outback. However, I missed the snow and returned just in time to Europe to finish the winter season in Switzerland as an instructor at Neige Aventure in Nendaz(Verbier). Like many other seasonal workers in Europe I exchanged the mountains for the ocean during the summer season and worked at a lodge in Mimizan, a small surf town at the Atlantic Coast of France. The winter of 2011-12 I became a private instructor for the well-known ski- and snowboard school Buri Sports in Grindelwald, home of the infamous Eiger.

timTim: I first set foot on a snowboard at the age of 19 and I instantly knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible on the snow. I invested all of my savings into snowboarding and only one year later I managed to get my Belgian level one snowboard instructor qualification. As soon as I graduated with a Master of Physical Education at the university of Leuven I followed my passion for snowboarding and started to work in the Alps. I started off as a rep for a tour operator (Skikot) during my first winter season in the majestic resort of Tignes, France.

For more than 10 years I worked during the winter and summer seasons in the French Alps. Thanks to my self-employment I had the chance to enjoy almost every major European resort to the fullest. During these years my snowboard priorities shifted from riding the park to riding powder and eventually to exploring less-known mountains on my split board. I managed to get the highest Belgian snowboard instructor level (Trainer A), obtained by only 13 people so far. I took my teaching/ guiding skills to an even higher level by passing the French snowboard equivalence test (CAPA*), which only a handful of people have accomplished so far. The winter of 2011-12 I committed to instructing and became a private instructor for the well-known ski- and snowboard school Buri Sports in Grindelwald, home of the infamous Eiger.

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