?> Top 10 acoustic tracks

Day 26,

August 3, 2013.

The one with the music.

I have always had a soft spot for musicians who can transform an original song into a total different piece of music, making it as good as the original or even better. All of the following artists have done a brilliant job at this and every one of these songs make me forget about everything else and let me live fully in the present. So here is my top 10 acoustic tracks in random order.


Chris Cornell – Billie Jean

I took me a while to realize this was a Michael Jackson cover. One of my favorites.


Dub FX – Easy

What a talent this man has. I wish he would make more acoustic songs like this.


John Newman – GivinΒ in

Always thought he was black until I saw him. What a voice.


Laura Jansen – Use Somebody

Saw her on Pinkpop performing this song; beautiful girl, amazing performance.


Jonathan Jeremiah – Happiness

I was an immediate fan of this song, such an intimate rendition.


Foo Fighters – Everlong

The longest one out of this list, but by far my favorite one. What an energy in the crowd, goosebumps every time.



John Mayer – Free Fallin’

Makes me happy.


Bastille – Overjoyed

Best voice in years.


Ed Sheeran & Passenger – No Diggity

Nice fitting voices.


Mumford and Sons – The Cave

Impossible not to put a Mumford song in this list. They are too good, especially acoustic.


Already finished?

Damn, I think I need to make a top 20 or 30 list. Too many good acoustic songs out there…