?> 100 positive things


We take things for granted all the time. From good weather to having a bed to sleep in or a delicious meal to eat. We sometimes even forget the value of our dear friends and family who are always there for us. And most importantly; we often take ourselves for granted. So that’s why we recommend you to write your own positivity list.

We heard about this list from a friend of a Tim who had to write a 100 positive things about herself for a job interview. ‘How can I write so many?’ She asked. ‘Just start writing and you’ll notice you have plenty. I want you to open up to your own positive sides.’ He answered.

So we wanted to test it the other day while we were on the beach, and it might not sound very humble, but it really is not that hard and very satisfying. When we finished we read them to each other which was good fun. And the bonus is that whenever you’re in a bad mood you can just grab this list and read it again. Happy mood guaranteed!