?> Believe

I’m running through the hills of an art piece towards sunset. My feet are following the rhythm of the music. Leaving a trail of footprints in the dusty road, no more than a trail of worries. I inhale, breathing in the fresh air filled with creativity and inspiration.

I take in all the colours of my surroundings leaving only an orange glow behind. The rhythm becomes a part of me. My mind is now floating far behind me as a dusty cloud over the hills.

My heartbeat and rhythm continue to accelerate. I feel the ties of the mind being released. There is nothing that holds me back. Pure freedom.

Iā€™m no longer lost. Iā€™m free. I can keep running until the roads stop. I can skip. I can dance. I can jump. I just have to believe.

Believing. The word finally makes sense. Trusting the universe. Having faith in this road to take me where I belong. To only take my soul and leave my mind behind, far away over the hills.

I can have faith in the plan of no plans. Light as a feather I start the descent. Leaving no footprints behind on the dusty road.