?> Free your mind

Waking up and starting with a mainstream newspaper is not ‘starting your day’. It’s slowing your day down. It’s simply taking in the negativity that warns you about everything that might happen if you decide to take chances. It shows you a certain picture of the world. What about your own world, your positive moments, where are they shown?

While eating your cereals, you are starting a new day. A day where nothing bad has happened yet, a day that’s open to adventure, lot’s of beautiful moments and unexpected events. You are at your creative prime of the day. Your brain is open for inspiration and creativity. You can let yourself be inspired by GOOD and TED. You can play with your child. You can also grab a piece of paper and a pen. Like I just decided to do.

Just randomly start to write down what you think. Don’t go back every few lines to read what you’ve written. Just write. Write down your thoughts; don’t worry about switching from one to another. Just let if flow. Your dreams will suddenly turn into words on a piece of paper, your ideas will become a sketch or your emotions will become a poem. They will become real.

Communication is something we all believe we’re very good in. Aren’t we constantly chatting on Facebook, leaving each other Whatsapp messages, or commenting on Instagram pictures? We all know that this is not real communication; first of all we don’t even use fl sentencs! What about our real life communication? What was the last time you went for a walk with your friend or family and talked for hours? What was the last time you went to sit down at the table with your boyfriend and explained about what you really felt, what kept you awake in the middle of the night, while he truly listened?

Saying what you think isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s easier to just free your mind by writing it down.

Imagine, feel, and enjoy that everything so easily comes alive. This is the beauty of ink and paper, so simple yet so magical.