?> Malcolm London

Sometimes the world stops turning, I get drawn into the moment and lose all sense of time; strangely enough these are the times I remember best.

education As with all non-grounded assumptions this one was also very wrong. Malcolm mixes poetry with activism and succeeds brilliantly at this. It took only a few minutes for my eyes to get watery. There is a sense of truth behind his words that I have rarely felt. Education always gets to me; I feel the strongest component in creating a better world is changing the way we educate the next generations. But what about the people who have to struggle to even get to school, the ones who are confined by the grounds they are brought up in, who desperately want to do their homework but can’t, because their home is work or even worse?Yesterday the same thing happened to me while I was watching a collection of TEDtalks on education. It was a series of 9 talks and somewhere in the middle Malcolm London started talking and I could not not listen to every word he said. It was the shortest of the series of talks and before he began I remember thinking: “Well this is probably not going to be very interesting, it is only 3 minutes…”

We think about ways to change our education system, but maybe it is time to think about the unprivileged and wonder what they would do if they were the privileged.