?> The Let's be Nomads manifesto

I was writing in my journal in the beautiful little garden of the authentic house we are renting in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. Tim was sitting on a bench with his laptop on his lap and told me about an article describing the biggest regrets of dying people. The top three was:

1. I have not lived fully.
2. I have not loved well.
3. I have not made a difference.

When he told me this, I had just written in my journal about the flaws I had noticed about myself lately and really wanted to change. Small details that did not go according to the rules our society has put up for us, the ways of how we need to fit into the perfect picture.

But wait a minute. What had Tim just said? These people weren’t having regrets about the way they hadn’t fitted into the perfect picture. These people were having regrets about the way they had not lived and loved well.

Earlier in my life, my dad once read me the biggest regrets of an old wise woman who had just celebrated her 99th birthday. The first one being ‘Not making enough mistakes.’ This woman actually wished she had flawed more.

And so I suddenly had found a new answer to the question I’ve often asked myself: ‘What is the purpose of life?’ We aren’t on this planet to worry about the little mistakes and the bad habits. We are here to live, love and contribute.

The thought made me happy; I was in the middle of the Mexican mountains, with amazing people around me from all over the world and an ambitious life-changing project in the making. I didn’t have to worry about what I was doing ‘wrong’ during the last week. I only had to ask myself if I had loved, if I had experienced joy and if I somehow had contributed to somebody else’s’ life or to our planet.

It felt like a puzzle piece falling in it’s place.

The Let’s be Nomads manifesto was born:
Live fully
Love well
Make a difference

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