?> this is who i am

Tim and I were reading the book ‘Freedom from the known by Krishnamurti’ last night. These spiritual books always provoke me to find out who I really am and what my freedom is. This particular book says that we constantly compare ourselves with others. People we encounter who are better in certain things and less good in others. But if we take everybody else away, and really look at ourselves, what is left? It made me wonder, who am I? This is what I wrote:

I love life, and believe that everything is possible and will always be all right. I’m not picky about people, but I like it the most when people are positive and try to follow their intuition. I love to be outside, but at the same time I love to snuggle on the couch with a good book or watch a good TV-serie. Music is very important to me, even though I’m not a talent myself, I can really be taken away by music and feel like I’m a part of the song. I’m an egoistic person sometimes, when I follow my intuition without taking into account the worries of others. I’m stubborn, always wanting to know why things happen and understand why my idea wouldn’t fit to the situation.

I love to create. To create a good piece of writing or a delicious meal, to build things and to work with my hands. As long as there is change, I will always like what I do. I don’t like it when automatism takes over or when time takes hold of my pace of life. I trust the world, I trust everybody. The only fear I sometimes have is fear of my own abilities; fear of doing a backflip or writing a book.

I’m eager to explore the world and love to be in this constant flow of adventure and adrenaline but at the same time I want a stable life, a place I can call home, with kids and more dogs, the whole picture. Sometimes I feel responsible and independent but sometimes the opposite. I hate it when possibilities in life are taken away of me by others, I love freedom. The freedom to believe that this flow of life can take me anywhere it wants, that all I have to do is to float and enjoy.

This is who I am. Who are you?