?> Back in Belgium - Let's be Nomads

And good it is to be back!

Sometimes you have got to get away from the things you love in order to realise how much you liked them in the first place and that is exactly how I feelย towards Belgium. Two years ago we left our home country thinking we might never return and create a steady life here and although our new plan does not really involve all the traditional ingredients of a ‘normal’ life, it feels great to come home with a certain direction in life.

At the moment we are couchsurfing with friends and family, continuing our nomadic existence on a somewhat smaller scale. The days fly by, meeting friends and relatives, watching the Belgian soccer team win all of their matches in the group stage of the world cup and finalising our campaign.

The production of the LbN T-shirts, sweaters and jackets will start next week and we’ll start shipping them as soon as we can, most likely a few weeks later.

In the mean time Big Berthaย has been rolled on to a ship and is having her own little adventure crossing the Atlantic Ocean, I am sure she’ll have many things to tell us when she arrives on the 15th of July in Zeebrugge. I hope that clearing customs will be easy and we’ll be able to drive her to Leuven the same day.

So, if everything works out (and it will), we’ll start working on the conversion of the bus on the 16th of July. Anyone who likes to tear stuff apart, beers and some food is more than welcome to join us on the 16th, just send a mail to sayhello@letsbenomads.com or give us a ring on +32 497 72 78 16.

Looking very much forward to the summer!!


Ps: We are looking for someone who is available to film the arrival and the first trip of The Nomads Bus in Belgium on the 16th and the first steps of the conversion of the bus.