?> The Bus - Let's be Nomads

It all started out with an idea, about 6 months ago, nothing more, just an idea.

We tried to put it out of our heads, but it wouldn’t go away and once we were committed, we were committed.

Sorry for those who have been around us these last few months, we probably talked a lot about it, maybe too much, probably way too much…

On the other hand, it is only through persistence that you can get what you want to achieve and although we are not quite there just yet, we will do anything to make this work.

So, now it is on to the next step: getting the bus imported into Belgium.

Yep, you read it correctly, we have found our dream-bus just a few days ago and will very shortly drive to Tennessee to buy it and get it on a cargo ship as soon as possible. It is a Thomas bus with aΒ 250HP 8.3 cummins engine. We have looked long and very hard to find the right bus, it had to be less than 12m, but as long as possible to have maximal interior space, a high interior (most busses are only 1.85m high, ours is 2m) and a rear engine to get up those mountains. And all of this for the right price, not an easy task I can tell you and I must say we were super happy to finally find one on Ebay a few days ago. Once we have shipped the bus we’ll fly back to Belgium and if all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to start working on the conversion in the beginning of July.

This whole campaign has been a crazy process with a lot of ups and downs. This must be what it isΒ like to be a politician, who is running for office and tries to get everyone onboard with his/hers ideas. Some days you feel like giving up and have setbacks, but when everything comes together in the end you can’t feel any happier.

We are so grateful for all the positive feedback we have been getting and all the shares/likes and comments we have gotten. It feels like both of our networks have joined forces to make this dream come true.

Thanks again for all the contributions, shares, likes and so on!

We hope to see you in the near future to say thanks personally and if not..

See you on the bus!

Ps: We will be driving past Memphis and already I am constantly playing In the getto in my head πŸ˜‰