?> Chasing adventure - Let's be Nomads

Boots, infinite sunshine, cowboys and burger-joints. This is where we are, Austin, Texas. The Nomads retreated to a normal home. No tent, no Couchsurfing, just an ordinary room with a good bed. This is the big advantage of having great uncles and aunts spread all over the world.


We discovered the great organic Clif Bars, played some golf with the cousins and have been staring at our Indiegogo statistics. Crowdfunding isn’t just about posting something online and seeing what happens. To the contrary, it’s about constantly looking for new ways to reach people, reminding them why they should treat themselves to the best holiday of their lives and about writing press releases (something I have never done before).


I must say I’m super excited about the crazy stoked enthusiasm from all the snow-lovers out there. Great feedback, motivation and inspiration we’re super grateful for. We can’t wait to get all of them together in our 25m2 bus to enjoy an infinite mix of good vibes, apres-ski and relaxation.


The campaign is a bit quiet now, not so weird as we passed the ‘new’ and are not yet at the point where the end is in sight and the pressure of time starts to play. Right now it’s just wait and see. It is a big deal though, as the campaign is all or nothing, meaning we don’t get one cent if we don’t reach our target. The only thing we can do, is keep contacting people and hope that doing all we can will eventually lead to a successful campaign.


In the meantime we can’t stop wondering. What will it be like in real life? What is life in a tiny home like? How will it be to be on the road for at least two years with a constant change of people and surroundings? Challenges to conquer, friends to be made and new mountains to explore. Followed by snow melting and the power of waves telling us where to surf. Driving to beaches, enjoying the always happy summer vibes, BBQs and sand that sneaks into the smallest places.


You might be wondering ‘what if’? What if things don’t go as planned? There are millions of possible what-ifs. But there are also heaps of ‘possible best moments of your life’ and those are the moments we chase. We are very resourceful and look at every challenge as an opportunity to teach us something, but what can possibly turn out wrong when you do what you love, surrounded by great people, mind-blowing nature and good food?


So will you, snow- or surf-lover, do what you love and accept the challenge?