?> A day on The Nomads Bus - Let's be Nomads

This is just one day, how I envision a good day on the bus to be. No day will be the same but maybe this can give you an idea of what we’ve been dreaming about every night for the last 6 months.


January 10th 2015, Lewis touches my arm with his nose, trying to get my attention. Without opening my eyes I pet him on his head and tap on the sheets, the magic sign for him to jump on the bed and crawl in between Tim and I for a good snuggle before the bus awakens.


Suddenly my body fills with excitement; ‘Maybe there is fresh snow?’ I crawl from underneath the warm duvet and take a peak outside. Somewhere in the beam of the streetlight I can see the flakes slowly making their way down to join their kind on the white streets.


I jump out of bed and put on my thermals, ski socks and a beanie. On my tiptoes, followed by Lewis, I make my way through the dorm room where everybody is still asleep, taking a good rest after a great day of riding. In the living room I light the fire, which is still glowing. Immediately the cozy heat only a woodstove can produce fills up the room. The next step is heating up water for a pot of tea. While Lewis enjoys his breakfast the first guest joins me, finds a good spot on the couch and grabs a Whitelines magazine.


Not much later the entire bus awakens and with some great morning tunes in the background everybody helps to get the table ready for breakfast. Like wolves, ready to conquer the mountains we dig into the warm porridge and eggs on toast. In the mean time Tim is checking the avalanche forecast online and shows those who are interested why he thinks it’s a perfect day to go touring. ‘Touring?’ Two guys immediately say yes to the opportunity, while the others decide to take it easy today and explore the amazing resort.


After breakfast we cover ourselves with warm bright colored layers. The only body parts still visible through the goggle lenses are the twinkly eyes, eager to discover the unknown white mass starting at the bus’s doorstep. Tim climbs on top of the bus and hands the gear to the riders while the media nomad is trying to find the right angle to put the start of the day on film.



I came back to the bus a bit earlier to do some groceries with my backpack in the ski town and prepare the après-ski event. The colorful awning on the side and the Christmas lights create a fun après-ski mood accompanied by the most important part of a good après-ski: the right music. The beers are cold and the camping chairs create an inviting vibe, and soon I’m chatting to some riders who drop by to check out the bus and see if they can join the fun. Not much later all riders start coming back after a great day with enough energy left to enjoy a good beer.


After enough sing-along songs two of the clients join me inside to help me with the cooking. Tonight it will be an easy dinner, nonetheless delicious; spaghetti a la nomads with a surprise desert.


After dinner and some card games the party vibe is still strong so the jackets go back on and we decide to check out the bars in town. What happens from here is a blur of good vibes, great people and good memories. Followed by a warm comfy bed and excitement about the days to follow. Knowing that no day will ever be the same. Maybe tomorrow we will even drive to another resort… Who knows? One thing is for sure; on The Nomads Bus anything is possible.