?> Gratefulness - Let's be Nomads

It has almost been a year since the first sparks of our mobile hostel idea lit up and never would I have imagined to be sitting on a leather sofa of a very nice and warm clubhouse somewhere close to Antwerp writing this update. Yes, thanks to yet another beautiful human being we are able to continue to work on our project in somewhat better suited conditions for the upcoming weather.


We have just said goodbye to our previous wonderful spot in Bierbeek and it is hard to describe the gratitude I feel towards my friend who let us live in his beautiful backyard the past three months; what an amazing moments we have had there. I hope he realizes what a great thing he did for us.


Since the start of this project it sort of seems we always find the right people at the right time. For example, Julian, the Magic Argentinian carpenter whose insights, professionalism and experience laid the foundations of the entire interior of the bus. As a bonus he even created one of the nicest memories of the conversion time so far by making the best homemade pasta meals I have ever eaten.



Sometimes it is the other way around and people find us (thanks to for example Facebook): like Vidar The Amazing, a Norwegian Viking, who drove all the way from Denmark to help us out for a while (a while being almost a month now…) and has become sort of my second brain. The list goes on and on, countless other people who volunteered have made this project to where we are today. It has been a crazy but wonderful ride.



A friend of mine told me yesterday that he wouldn’t be able to even think about starting a project like ours, because there are way too many uncertainties involved. When I thought about what he said, my first reaction was: “Ah, that’s what I thrive on, the unknown, I could never live without it.”


A moment later I realized this isn’t completely true. It is not so much about the unknown itself; it is all about the love I have for the road that leads to the unknown. And for me there is no greater feeling then being on that road, it brings me into the flow of life. It is like climbing up a mountain in the winter not knowing how the descent will be. It is about that feeling we all love: when there is no need to think about tomorrow or yesterday, all there is, is now.


I have loved (and love) every last second of this whole experience and someone I recently met summed it up nicely: “These days there aren’t many jobs anymore where you can envision, create, fine-tune and get to use the end result.” I am a part of the whole process, from start to finish and even just thinking about this makes me smile.


Yep, I am definitely happy.