?> It happened again - Let's be Nomads

Yes it did!

I almost can’t believe it is true, but it is, this is the so-mani-eth time we have found the right place at the right time.


I am sitting in the front part of our bus, while Valerie is enjoying some ‘alone’ time with happy Fenna in our bedroom and can’t help but smile. Why, you might ask. Well, because I am in Hoogerheide at the workshop, where I have been working on The Nomads Bus for over two months now and tomorrow together with Michiel (one of the nicest people I have met thanks to our project) I’ll do the last difficult part of the conversion. It is not going to be a pleasant job though; we have to put on the black layer of undercoating on the bottom of the bus, very nasty stuff to work with, but knowing this is the last big task I have to do makes me really happy. When this has been done, it is up to Jan, the incredibly relaxed and friendly owner of the workshop, to finish up the last bits and pieces on the bus. I am so excited to see the end finally nearing and a bit scared as well, because this means we’ll be going to the inspection in a couple of weeks and find out if we can start our journey on the road.


The last post that I wrote, I was kind of depressed about the workload and the fact that Jan didn’t want to continue working on our bus. However, this final hurdle, like as almost any obstacle, has brought me quite a bit of joy these last few weeks; I have learned yet some more skills, I have met some very nice new people (especially a big thanks to Kasper and Maarten for helping out!), our favourite brilliant Norwegian Viking friend Vidar The Great was so nice to fly to Belgium and help out for two weeks and most importantly I got to know my brother Dieter a lot better thanks to the work we did together during this final part of the conversion.


There is a lot I have to be thankful for these days, like for example my parents, who were so kind to do a big detour on their latest trip and pick up some important parts in Munich. I am definitely most grateful though for having found this workshop; the way they have handled this whole thing has been nothing but amazing. Seriously, I don’t think there are many workshops in the world that are so friendly and helpful. Can you imagine letting in a bunch of different people in your workshop, letting them use used their tools, ask a million questions, have lunch and dinners in your kitchen, used your bathroom and let them sleep on your terrain? And then only charge the hours you actually work on the bus? Insane no? So much goodness, it is overwhelming.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!