?> Revealing our big plan

I’m sitting in a coffee shop in San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico and I decided to give their home-made chocolate a try. Who would have ever thought they can make such an amazing chocolate in this country? Wow! The explosion of flavour it created in my mouth took me completely by surprise. I’m from ‘the’ chocolate country, Belgium, but I secretly must admit that the Mexicans have taken it to the next level. This might be because most chocolate in this region is organic, it’s made with love, and I am eating it with love.

Enjoying chocolate and Mexican spicy flavour combustions aren’t the only things we have been doing in this colourful city between the mountains. You might have been wondering why we, who call ourselves ‘nomads’, have slowed ourselves down so much and seem to be spending at least one month everywhere we go. One of the reasons for this is, that you can never stay somewhere too long; the more you get familiar with a place, the more you become a part of the local culture and community. The other reason of our slow travel pace is the fact that we are working very hard on a ‘life-plan’. This might be a bit overrated, although I am talking about the next three years. In the past the longest I ever looked ahead was to the next winter or summer season. So, you can imagine having a plan for the next few years is kind of exciting for me.

We have been thinking when it would be the best time to reveal our plan, our dream, our big ambitious project to ‘the world’. Well, I think right now, while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and looking outside regularly at some nostalgic Mexican men, who are watching the world pass by while sitting on a bench. This seems like the perfect moment to share our latest mind boggles.

So, here it goes: After traveling around the world for a year and a half, we are feeling the urge to return to our home; the snowy mountains, where we have experienced the most fulfilling moments of our lives. Not a lot of things beat split-boarding or hiking to the top of a mountain and being rewarded with a knee-deep powder descent.

If you know what I am talking about and you are what we call a Powder Nomad, you are probably already thinking about your next trip to the mountains, wondering where the snow will be the best, wishing you didn’t have to plan your destination in advance and could go wherever nature decides to dump the most snow.

Well, this is where our plan comes in, we have found a perfect solution: a powder-chasing mobile hostel! We are going to convert a 12m long american school bus into the dream-home for every Powder Nomad. It will have a living room, a kitchen, 3 bunk beds for guests and many more cool features.

One bed will be reserved for a Media Nomad who will film the journey and turn the footage into online episodes. The other five beds are for the Powder Nomads who will become a part of our shredding family for as many days as they want.

For our first winter tour (2014-2015) we have chosen three countries: Austria, Switzerland and France. Each country has its own pick-up point: respectively Innsbruck, Bern and Chambéry. All of these cities are in driving distance from at least eight well-known ski resorts. From the moment you will set foot on the bus it will be all about enjoying snow, relaxing in our cosy living room and having fun at the coolest bus après-ski area you have ever seen. We’ll make sure no day will ever be the same!

We don’t want fresh powder to become something of the past. That is why we will convert the bus with the use of as much recycled materials as possible and we will equip it with solar panels, a wood stove and a compost toilet. We will also be neutralising our carbon emissions by paying a company that is well known for its amazing offset projects.

Right now we are preparing the final paperwork details, creating a new website and preparing the video for our crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. Thanks a lot Yorrick, for your kind help in creating the video!


To turn this unique idea into a reality, we will need every bit of help possible. So, if you fit into one of the profiles below and would like to help out, give us a shout.

  • Skilled Nomads, who can help us convert the bus during the summer in Belgium (July-Aug)

  • Media Nomads, to film parts of the conversion (Belgium) and journey (European Alps)

  • Local Nomads, who will show the Powder Nomads their favourite spots on the hill and will keep us up to date on the snow conditions

  • Ambassadors, who are stoked the become a part of our project and want to spread the word about The Nomads Bus


We are very excited, it might seem ambitious, but we live by the rule of ‘Go big or go home!’. We hope you will be joining us on our first Winter tour or during the Summer of 2015 when we will exchange the skis and snowboards for longboards and surfboards.

By the way, our Mexican adventure is not over just yet, tomorrow we start hitchhiking our way up North towards the US, most likely to Florida, where we want to buy our bus. That is over 4000km. So, we still have a long way to go in three months, but one thing is for sure: we have a lot to look forward to!

Stay tuned!