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Say hello to Roam & Seek!

This super cool clothing brand contacted us on Vimeo after watching our crowd funding video with this very friendly message:

“Hey guys, love your idea and it’s what we love to do too.

We are a little clothing label based in London called Roam & Seek. We hand print all our eco-friendly tees/hoodies ourselves. Love the Nomad bus ideas and we’d like to send you a little gift if that’s ok?

You can check out more about us here: roamandseek.com

Let us know and good luck with the project.


This exactly the kind of people and spirit we love to represent and their designs are amazing too. Plus, these guys have some great values, which are definitely very much in line with ours:

Approach of Roam & Seek

High quality products, low environmental impact with a handmade, personal touch.

We make sure all our products are ethically produced. From our water based inks to our 100% cotton climate neutral t-shirts. We only use shirts with Fair Wear© working conditions. There’s no sweat shops here.

We make things that last too. We don’t want people to buy a new shirt every other week. We want you to own good quality shirts that you can wear and wear again. This way you can be part of our ‘low impact’ approach and help keep our environment in good shape.

Surf, skate and shred inspired clothing that’s made for adventures!

Check out their apparel and go roam and seek!