?> Slow progress - Let's be Nomads

The last month and a half in Belgium has flown by. At first it took some time to get used to the different lifestyle but luckily we got over this quickly thanks to the help of friends and family who were so kind to let us be Nomads and stay in their homes.


From their homes we spend a lot of time trying to get the conversion started as soon as possible but as usual, nothing ever happens the way you expect it to happen. The supplier of the t-shirts suddenly took a two weeks holiday, the perfect floor plan for the bus takes longer to get finalized than expected and our attempt to pick up the bus from the harbor failed due to a problem with the front tire. The first Nomads Bus adventures I guess, and I am sure many will follow.


On the bright side: a lot of positive things have happened too. We’ve got to visit old friends, ordered our first items such as a compost toilet for the bus and visited the conversion site in Leuven.


The field where we are going to convert the bus is a magical place on top of a beautiful small hill in between horses and farms. We’re very grateful to be allowed to have our Nomads Village there for a few months. Also a big thanks to everyone who helped us out with gear and stuff we can use during the conversion.


Right now the clock starts ticking as we kind of need to finish the conversion in two months because they’ve told us that the vehicle inspection for this ‘special case’ can take up to 4 or even 6 months. Because we want the bus to be registered as a mobile home it needs to contain certain items such as a bed, bathroom and kitchen before we can start the inspection process.


This leaves us with some important questions: When will we be able to head to the Alps? When can we start taking bookings? Will we be lucky and get the inspection ready in 4 months?


If you’re stoked to see the bus, want to help out a bit, enjoy some BBQ and let your creativity flow please keep an eye on the Lets be Nomads Facebook page where we’ll post when we exactly know when and what kind of help we can use.


Hope to see you soon!