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This morning I opened my Facebook account and as almost every day this past month I have to look at a picture or video of a friend riding powder. I guess this means they are all quite fortunate and/or have worked hard enough to get them into a place in life where they can afford to spend time in the soft beloved white gold. And of course that my circle of friends is quite snow minded. Am I jealous? Well, hard not to be when I see the smile on their faces and especially because I know the flow feeling all to well. On the other hand these posts do remind me of the good times I have spent with them doing the exact same thing. Unforgettable moments one by one and yep those memories also put a smile on my face, so can’t really complain about all those pictures, now can I?


Not so long after the smile has gone from my face, questions that have been haunting me for a while pop up into my head: ‘Why am I not hiking to top of all those beautiful white peaks?’ ‘Why in the bloody … are we still not in the mountains with our bus?’ ‘Is this still the right path for us?’ and so on… It is a never-ending loop, which quite frankly can get me quite depressed. Our bus is SO ready to go, everything is ready, we just need a way to get it legally on the road an that seems to be the final (and quite big) hurdle. FRUSTRATION is the word that comes to the mind A LOT these days.


Last year somewhere in December we got in touch with someone who imports American vehicles into the Netherlands for a living and we thought we were finally nearing the end of our long wait. In the beginning it looked quite promising; he told us he could probably import the bus via Germany and there was a good chance we could get through inspection by the end of January, but since a week or so, we know that this route will not work because we don’t have an official CO-emission data report of our Cummins engine in this specific bus. By chance I know someone who works at Cummins in Europe and I thought he might find the right certificate and a couple of days later he called me to tell me he had found the certificate with the CO-emissions on for our engine, so I jumped in the air, shouted hallelujah and mailed it to my contact. He replied that although this was the right certificate for this engine, it was not enough; it should be one that has data of our engine matched to our bus and not only of the engine itself. JEEZ! I know. So, we called Thomas Bus and asked if they might have such a certificate. They replied that such a document does not exist in the US, it is not a requirement over there.


Back to zero I guess. Luckily, our contact has more than one way to get things done and really wants to help to get our bus on the road. As we are speaking he is looking in to some other options: an inspection in the UK or Sweden, another path in Germany and even a possible alternative way in The Netherlands… The crazy thing is that we would probably have to get a German or Bulgarian temporary license plate to drive to the UK or Sweden. In any case, we are not there yet. He did say he is for 99% sure he can get us on the road, the only question that still remains is when?


Hopefully, soon, very soon.


In the mean while we have to settle with what the universe is offering us; luckily this includes a short trip to Avoriaz/Chamonix next week, something we are really looking forward to.


That’s it that’s all for now, I sincerely hope the next post will be the One!





Ps: For some of you, who might not know what the matrix is, just watch the movies 😉