?> When will you start? - Let's be Nomads

This is a question we hear at least once a day: “When are you going to take off and start your first trip?’

It is a fair and obvious question and we love to hear it, because it gives us a sort of confirmation that we are doing something right in terms of fulfilling a missing link in the snow sports world. The answer, however, remains the same since the beginning of the project: ‘As soon as we get the bus legally on the road, we’ll be on our way’.

The first months were all about getting the inside done and apart from some minor details we are very close to finishing up the interior. In fact, we are already living in the bus for about two months now and it really starts to feel like home.

Not being on the road with guests just yet, is actually a very good thing at the moment and an important part of the whole process, because it gives an opportunity to get answers to some of the basic questions like:  ‘How long does it take to get the wood stove going?’ , ‘How much wood do we need to keep it going for a night?’ , ‘How cold does it get without any heating on?’, ‘Can the water pump still function below zero’ , ‘Do the water pipes freeze at minus 5 degrees?’ and so on. Basically we have come into a sort of test phase where we can discover the flaws and try to work out an optimal living flow in this tiny space, before we actually ride off with eight people into the big European Alps.

We would love to start tomorrow, but it still is very hard to predict the actual departure date, mainly because we have reached a stage where we are even more dependable on others to get the last pieces of the puzzle done. We need to install the seat belts, get the solar panels on the roof, fix the air suspension, change fan belts and so on. These are all very specific things, that require specific skills and that makes it not so easy to find the right people, with some free time on their hands, to help us finish up and get the bus ready for the first vehicle inspection.

The project has taught us, more than anything, to take things day by day and try to make the most out of each day. It isn’t always easy, especially with the attention our little nomad wants and needs from us, but we’re doing what we can to get this show on the road. Recently we also decided to bring some Viking force into the project, we asked our upper Viking ‘Vidar The Great’ if he wanted to join us on our first winter trip and he didn’t hesitate for a second to say yes. He’ll join us with his own tiny home on wheels, so we’ll be traveling in fleet style ;). We are super stoked about this, because it means our nomads family got bigger and challenges can be resolved even faster.
We would  like to thank everyone who has helped us so far and we are very grateful for all the support we have received. What a journey it has been! It is very hard to sum up what this project has brought us, but I’ll never forget the new knowledge and new friendships. People from all over the world have helped build our dream, from New Zealand over to Argentina, the USA and Canada, to Australia and back to Norway, Sweden, Portugal (1&2), Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and the UK. You all left your mark on us and the bus and I am glad you did! I get constant flashbacks when I look around, thanks again for all of your work and inspiration. We will never forget and surely will see you again somewhere in the future.

We are also very proud to announce our two newest partners Alibi and GreenPan, who respectively have agreed to be our official health beverage sponsor and our new ecological cookware sponsor. We are super happy that you guys want to be a part of our journey and can’t wait to try your products!!

A humble thanks to y’all!