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Skilled Nomads

Creators of the Bus

Julian Iglesias

  • Magical carpenter
More info?

Maarten Janssens

  • Mechanical Genius


Inventing new systems, designing and building everything that has to do with motorbikes.

Most proud of?

What I build and am mostly proud of at the moment is my ‘MJ-Works supermono’ which I now race with in the European Championship supermono! I’m super proud because the first raceweekend I rode it my fully handmade thing didn’t fail me once and made the finish in style!

Where I learned my skills?

I learned everything fully by myself at home. I thaught myself how to weld, draw, etc. I never learned those things at school and because I really wanted to create things myself I had to learn them somehow. I also never got allowance from family that’s why I did chores to scrape the necessary money together. You keep gathering knowledge your entire life en these days it’s very cheap thanks to the internet, but most of it I’m only learning now since I made friends in the ‘supermono world’, from whom I can still learn lots.

My ultimate dream?

A fully handmade racemotor. This means including a handmade bloc! My ultimate example (hero even) is the New Zealander John Britten!


Are you a skilled worker?

We are looking for carpenters, electricians, plumbers or general handy men. Tell us what your mojo is and we’ll see how we can fit you into the team. The conversion will happen in Leuven, Belgium during the summer months of 2014.