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Summer 2019 - Trip Two - 7 days of Northern Norway

Join us on an epic road trip above the Arctic Cirkel
Our fourth road trip of this summer will start and end in Tromso, without a doubt the best hub to start exploring the beauty of the far North. This little city located on a tiny island has everything we need as a ‘basecamp’: a little airport with easy access, a lot of shops to load up supplies and a couple of bars to relax. It’s the perfect starting point to explore the surrounding islands like Kvaloya and the Caribbean-like island of Sommaroy, which is surrounded by 50 shades of blue water and white coral beaches. It is a site you might not expect so far up North, but it is one of the gems out there that we gladly want to share with you. Most likely we’ll take the ferry to explore the island of Senja, which is similar to the Lofoten, it is just a lot less known. The hikes and beaches are just spectacular and unforgettable! More to the East lay the majestic Lyngen Alps, which is just another stunning piece of nature to be seen. As a bonus, you can experience the Midnight Sun, which is a very strange experience but oh so beautiful. Basically there are just too many reasons not to visit this part of the world and you get to experience all of this in our hostel on wheels, which allows us to camp at the most stunning places and show you the variety of amazing spots we have discovered over the past years.

Start: Tromsø 17/8/2019

Please try to arrive in the afternoon (12-5pm) so we can start our first drive on time and enjoy the first day.

End: Tromsø 24/8/2019

We’ll drop you off at the airport in Tromsø around noon, so if you want to fly out directly please book a flight in the afternoon.


  • A comfy bed with a down blanket & pillow
  • Healthy home-made food (dinner-breakfast)
  • Use of the kitchen, bathroom and living room
  • Wood stove
  • Coffee and tea all day
  • Outside chill-out area & rooftop deck
  • Locked storage
  • Entertainment: outdoor and indoor games, guitar, books, …
  • Media Nomad (if available)
  • Fuel costs
  • Parking Costs (except for campings)
  • Fast drying towel to use inside the bus

  • Trip to the bus
  • Campings
  • Ferries
  • Lunch
  • Extra activities (kayaking, mountain biking,…)
  • Flight back


This will be a truly unique experience, one that is nowhere else to be found in the world. You’ll become a part of our nomad family and get to experience the beauty and challenges of life on the road. Another important reason why you should come on any of our trips is the fact that this is the best way to meet similar minded people and the easiest way to get to know people from all over the world. They’ll become connections for life thanks to the trip you experience together. Something we can all benefit from these days!

Check the availability below

The No book items equals the amount of people you want to make the booking for. At the moment our online instant payment method is Paypal, if you choose to use it please add 3.5%. You can also wire transfer the money into our account and pay no extra costs.


This summer we have chosen to do 7 and 10 day trips and we only do drop-off and pick ups on the arrival and departure day of the trips at the airports. Exceptionally we can accept bookings starting another day, but contact us in advance see if it is possible and know that you will have to get to the bus and the airport with your own means of transport if you chose to join us on another day than Saturday.

If you have any questions prior to your booking, let us know!

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