The Hosts

Hello, welcome to our home!
Valerie, Fenna, Tim and Lewis

Valerie, Fenna, Tim and Lewis

We are Val and Tim, two nomads with a big passion for adventure sports, especially riding pow. We want to create and share unforgettable moments in the mountains or on the beach with you in our hostel on wheels. Our little girl Fenna and our faithful dog Lewis both love the outdoors as well and are a very important part of our family. Joining the bus means you’ll be just as important as they are for the time you spend with us! Hope to see you soon!

Amazing views, cheese overload (just kidding, there’s no such thing), amazing mountains, lots of laughter, new friends, yummy food, sports, a supercool bus… On top of this, the super caring hosts made sure we had an awesome time! In short : an amazing experience! Thank you guys, hope to see you & Jumbo George soon


Loved my stay on the Let’s be Nomads bus! The unique idea of living on a bus combined with the mind-blowing hospitality of our hosts, the fact that a group of complete strangers got so close over such a short period of time, the stunning location in the mountains, the relaxed atmosphere and last but not least the great laughs, made it an unforgettable experience! Highly recommend staying with these guys!!! We’ll be back soon 😉


Amazing life experience with wonderful kind hearted people
Aside being awesome, for the few time i spent with them (only 2 night) I can assure you that Val is a wonderful cook and Tim a great guy to ride with (pretty sure the opposite would have work also, hum, at least for the riding 🙂 ).
Shared this bus with two more people very friendly and interesting plus their very cute kid.
We shared wonderful time and I only hope they would be staying in les deux alpes all summer so I could come back.

I hope to see you next winter! I wish you best for this wonderful adventure you are only beginning!