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The most defining factor in travelling is not money, but time, more precisely the amount of the time you give yourself to be out there on the road. It affects everything. If you choose to travel for a well defined amount of time, you are destined to plan almost every aspect of your experience. The shorter the trip, the more cramped it becomes with places you need to visit, things you need to see. Traveling becomes a race. For some this is a good thing, but for us it takes away a lot of the authenticity of travelling to unknown places. It makes it a lot harder to experience a travel flow, effortlessly undergoing a continuous stream of finding unexpected natural beauty and meeting amazing people without the need for anything. Slowing down time, instead of rushing it.

So, time divides travellers into two categories: people who are on a holiday and people who decided to choose the world as their home. For us, it is almost always nicer to meet people along the way who fall under the second category, because there is a instant connection, an underlying feeling of understanding. In a way you are both walking the same path in life; letting your gut decide the next step of the journey.

We met Maxime and Alizé, a lovely couple from Canada/Belgium, during our stay in San Pedro, Guatemala. They are both world citizens à la lettre and definitely fall into the second category. No need to say it was very easy for us to connect with them, we had some very interesting conversations and a lot of fun together. They are another great example of what is possible if you decide to put your mind to it! Trust your instincts and live.

Check out their very nice blog: detourlocal.com

For the moment it is only written in French, but they told me there will be an English version in the near future.

You can already get to know them a little bit (in English) here:

There is so much beauty in the world, people to meet, exchanges to do, sharing to spread, landscapes to discover, stories to tell and traditions to unfold. All of this, leeds us to move forward and keeps us going. We love to learn something new every day and share our knowledge with someone else. We have been continuously on the road since 2010 and have become completely addicted to it. Mainly because we love the basic values of life, enjoy to be more independent of what society demands of us, get the opportunity to feel closer to nature and make a living, while feeling more free. We love to discover and interact with the locals, walking several days in a row in nature’s hidden jewels, learn how to grow new fruits and vegetables. We get our joy out of small everyday life moments that delight us and make us realize the real purpose of our travels; our life is in our own hands. We are responsible for what happens around us, the decisions we take and the consequences that come with it. Our choices allow us to be in balance with ourselves. We realize that we are capable of accomplishing almost everything and live out our dreams. There are no limits.We believe that being happy is a state of mind. When one becomes aware of the importance of freedom, there is no turning back. Keep on traveling, see the world from our own eyes, be adventurous, embrace life and explore your limits!