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While looking up information about crossing the borders in Central-America we stumbled upon the blog of The Family Without Borders. I immediately started scrolling through all of their inspiring stories, each one of them achieved by believing that everything is possible, even with kids. It reminded me in some way of our travels with Lewis, it’s a challenge but in the end it always works out and is enormously rewarding.


The blog of The Family Without Borders – a traveling family. Together with our small daughter Hanna, we decided to to live the life we always dreamt about. In 2010 made a 6-months long road trip Around the Black Sea and through the Caucasus to the Caspian Sea and back to Berlin.

Then, in 2011 and 2012 – already with our second daughter Mila – we went on the Between the Oceans Tour through Central America from Mexico down to Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.

Now, in summer 2013, we have just came back from a little trip from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What to do with your life when your small daughter turns 6 months?

We decided to continue our lives the way we have always dreamt about. Mama: Polish journalist and papa: German photographer will take small Hanna for a trip around the Black Sea.

A six month long trip, by car, through nine countries (and four “kind of countries”). Visiting friends/journalists, big and tiny villages, talking with hundreds of men and women with different ethnic backgrounds. Listening to their stories and reporting about them.

That was in 2010. And…

…what to do with your life when your second small daughter turns 6 months?

Probably the same! Next half a year in Central America: the trip Between The Oceans, from Mexico, down to Honduras.

The Family Without Borders – for all who believe that “want” means “can”. And that having a baby widens your life, not narrows it– like traveling!