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A sunny day in Peniche, Couchsurfing, real surfing, beers and of course.. a BBQ!

Together with my Couchsurfing host, Brent, we created an amazing BBQ delight. I’ll call it ‘Brents mind-boggling Buns.’


Step 1: Go to the supermarket or bakery and ask for some fresh dough. This can be any kind of dough you like; brown, white,.. We used two pizza doughs for five people. Get some aluminum foil, olive oil or butter, garlic and flour. Then try to find a round cheese (the stronger the better), I would recommend Camambert or something similar.

Step 2: Start your BBQ. Chop the garlic. Then grab a good handful of dough, make it flat, put some garlic and olive oil or butter on it, then close it and turn it into a bun or any other creative shape you like. Cover it with some flower and then wrap it in aluminum foil. You can of course turn them into extreme delights by adding nuts, cheese, bacon, dried fruit,…

Step 3: Put the Cheese on a sheet of aluminum foil.

Step 4: Bring the buns and cheese to the BBQ. Important: don’t put them in the fire but on the grill.

Step 5: Wait until the cheese starts bubbling and the buns are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside (like Tic Tacs). Take it of the grill and dip the Brent mind-boggling Buns straight into the cheese. Yum yum!

Note: If you are doing this at a campfire, you can just poke sticks in the buns and hold them above the fire.