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Making the best of what we got is becoming our talent. Even with a pot, a pan and a campfire we manage to create delicious meals. Tim loves making fires and I love cooking, perfect.

Chickpealicious – Recipe for 2 people

1 can of chickpeas (try to find one without conservatives or try beans, also delicious)
3 veggies (zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, …)
1 onion
2 eggs
2 garlic
2 tbl sp. of sweet pepper paste (You can use any kind of paste that has a lot of flavor, ours has only garlic, sweet pepper, salt and spices as ingredients. This paste is perfect for traveling, keeps you from dragging millions of spices along. Pesto could also be an option.)
Olive oil

2L pot
Baking pan
Aliminium foil (if anybody knows a more environmental friendly option, please tell me.)

Step 1: Cut up half the onion and one garlic. Put them in the pot with some olive oil and a tbl sp. of paste. Heat this up, and add the chickpeas with half of their juice when ready.

Step 2: Cut the veggies not too small. Mix them with chopped garlic, onion, paste and olive oil. Fold 2 pieces of aluminum foil double, put the veggies in the foil and make two packages out of it. Put them on the coals, they should take approx 20 min.

Step 3: When the chickpeas have been boiling for a while and the veggies look ready, you can heat up some olive oil in the pan and bake the eggs.

Step 4: Put it on your camping plates and enjoy. (We just use the pan and lid as our plates, saves weight…)