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It’s not easy to find a healthy recipe for breakfast when you are traveling. Having warm oatmeal is not always an option because we don’t have a camping gas stove and making a fire in the morning is a lot of work, so eggs are no option either. We tried granola for a long time but even the ‘healthiest’ ones are full of bad sugar. So why not try cold Oatmeal? I like this recipe even better than warm oatmeal!

Recipe (2 pers.):

1 cup of oats (best whole oats)
1 cup of oatmilk (or rice milke, almond milk, soy milk)
1 piece of fresh fruit cut in little pieces (apple, banana, pear, strawberries,..)

You can be creative and add some;
dried fruit (figs, goji, raisins, prunes,…)
seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax, sesame,..)
nuts (walnuts, almonds,…)
Natural sweetener (maple syrup, raw honey, agave syrup,…)

It’s best to prepare the Oatmeal the evening before, so the oats have time to soak which gives everything more flavor. Put everything you like in a big bowl (we use our 2L camping pot), give it a good stir and make sure everything is covered by the milk. Put a lit on the pot, have a good sleep and an awesome breakfast full of energy in morning.

ps. We find it sweet enough without honey because of the sweet taste of oat milk. And if you do get the chance to heat it up you can just make it in the morning, you only have to add one cup of water.