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A few days ago I had a discussion with a friend who hated camping. I couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t like to sleep in the middle of nature. She explained that sleeping on a shitty mattress had turned her first camping experience into a disaster.

So here is some good news for the camping-haters; thanks to latest new technologies we often like our camping bed better than a normal mattress. Hu? Is that possible? Yes, with Exped. We have their Synmats, these are super light, comfortable and a lot warmer than any other brands because they are filled with microfiber. They have a integrated pumping system which takes you only one minute, some arm muscles and warms you up before you go to bed. They have many different choices you can even choose a down filling if you are planning on going to the North Pole.

A must get if you like the heat of your partner during the cold nights is the coupler kit, a pair of straps that keep the mats from sliding apart.

And no, we are not sponsored by Exped, we just want to share this because they are the epic mats that can turn camping-haters into camping-lovers!


Update 28/10/2013

Not only does Exped have the best mattresses in the world, they also have the best possible warranty service out there.

Read all about our experience with their warranty department here.