?> Exped warranty service

We have had a few problems lately with some of our high tech lightweight camping gear and one of them was with our beloved Exped mattresses, so we decided to call upon their warranty service and see if they would help us.

What happened was that one of the baffles of the mat broke, causing a big lump in the mattress and a substantial decrease in our sleeping comfort. At the moment of the problem we were in Caye Caulker, an island of the coast of Belize and had some doubt if we would be able to get a proper solution to our misfortune.

And so, a bit hesitant, we wrote an email to Exped’s warranty department explaining our situation and problem. The next day we got a super friendly reply saying that the baffle-problem was covered by the warranty and that they would gladly ship a new mat to a destination where we would be staying for a while. Our plan at the time was to stay at the island for two more weeks and we asked if it was possible to send one to Caye Caulker. “No problem, we’ll ship one tomorrow” was the answer.

Only ten days later we got a brand new mattress delivered on an island in the Caribbean Ocean, without even having to pay for the shipping costs.
It’s fairly easy to say Exped gets behind their products and has an excellent warranty service; a fast and friendly reply, a fast solution and quick shipping.
So happy to be sleeping very comfortably on what seems to be an even improved synmat LW7!