?> Fairphone

Scrolling through my facebook feed I saw the following status update written by a friend of mine: Just bought a new phone. Fair. The Fairphone.

I was immediately intrigued and I took a look at their website. It is a very straightforward site and gives out a clear message: You can change the way products are made, starting with a single Phone. Together, we’re opening up the Supply Chain, and redefining the Economy – one step at a time. 


I find it very fascinating how people are using the internet today to change our world and the idea behind the Fairphone is most certainly a good example on how to use our global network for the better. This might be only a very small step in the multi-billion phone industry,but it is certainly a good one.

We won’t be able to buy it on our nine euro-a-day budget just yet. Although we could start living on eight euros a day and buy it in 163 days…

Happy phoning!