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Are you traveling with your dog, or planning to do so? Don’t hesitate, it’s the best choice you ever made!

Because when it’s freezing outside and you’re in you in a tent, you can have a spooning session and let him join in the sleeping bag, best heater you can get.
Because dogs make people happy. Some people pick you up hitchhiking just because of the dog. Because even when you feel grumpy or lonely there is always a dog with a waggling tail to give you company or make you smile.





Tips and tricks: If you want to save money on dog food just go to the butcher and ask (you can do sign language by chewing an invisible bone if you can’t speak the language) for some leftovers or bones. Happy dog guaranteed!
Don’t want to carry dog food, give your dog his own backpack. The one we use is from Ruffwear. It will also make him feel like having a task and stay close to you all the time. The bonus is that it makes everybody smile, never seen a human being able to make so manny people laugh.
Staying in hostels is not very easy with a dog but Couchsurfers love them!
And the last tip we can give you is to bring a light, small blanket or mattress for your dog, it will make him feel at home wherever you are and is also handy for yourself if you want to do yoga in the forest when camping or for sitting around the fire.