?> Ultimate camping tips

Day 29.

August 6, 2013

The one with the ultimate camping tips.

After 11 months of backpacking, I hope to help you with these are 15 tips I discovered. Have fun camping!

  1. Make sure you can zip your sleeping bags together, which is normally possible, if you get one with a left zipper and one wit a right zipper of the same kind. For the warm days a sleeping bag liner sounds very nice but I don’t like it because it gives you a very closed in feeling, even with the double sized one we are using. I would recommend just buying a big thin piece of cloth, which you could also use to lay on at the beach.

  2. Get a coupler kit for your mattresses or just make the same system yourself out of some rope.

  3. Bring a travel pillow, sweaters and such are nice for a while but if you’re traveling for longer than a month I would recommend you the comfort of a pillow.

  4. Before putting up your tent, open up the mattresses so they can start inflating while you are putting up the tent.

  5. Pick a tent with mosquito proof entrances.

  6. Don’t buy anything that’s white; clothing, sleeping gear, etc. It all gets dirty and won’t get clean.

  7. Stop washing your hair and try the no-poo method; it will save you a lot of weight and expenses from shampoo bottles.

  8. If you don’t use something for a month, just give it to a homeless. Win-win situation.

  9. Use the river as your fridge. Build a dam of rocks or wood around the food to protect it from floating away.

  10. Fresh food is heavy, so try out some rye crackers instead of heavy bread or soak some beans at night instead of getting a heavy can.

  11. Just get toilet paper from bars or restaurants; buying a pack is ridiculous.

  12. Don’t worry about the expenses of a solar panel. It’s better for the environment but even though we had one we rarely used because if you go on the Internet in a bar you might as well charge your stuff.

  13. Don’t worry about getting a Fire starter sparker for your campfire, they are very hard to use and a lighter lasts for ages.

  14. You can get a Steripen, which cleans water in 30 sec with its UV light and enables you to drink water anywhere in the world. They are USB-chargeable.

  15. We are traveling with a Macbook Air and Ipad-mini. Both are perfect for traveling lightweight and sturdy.

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