?> A year of traveling

Its time for Let’s be Nomads 3.0! A new continent, a new start and new backpacks, thanks to the Black Diamond warranty. We started a little over a year ago and it already feels like we’ve done so much. So many experiences, so many lessons learned, tears shed, memories made and beautiful spots discovered. I’m happy that we’re keeping a blog because our days have been filled with so many countless precious details, that I don’t know if my memory is strong enough to remember them forever.

What is the most important thing I’ve learned in a year of traveling around Europe? Slow yourself down, you’ll see so much more. This is credit to the trailer of the Goodwin project. It’s a sentence that never left my mind. Why? For many reasons: if we go through life on a busy schedule and adrenaline as our fuel we miss so much, we have only one life, one chance to get to know ourselves. One chance to discover what we believe, what makes us wake up with a smile, what our dreams are and to experience all the miracles in life. When we race through life we don’t have much time to analyse what we experience or listen to our feelings.

We have so many things we must do in life and so many ways we must be. When you go to a foreign city, don’t you have the feeling that you have to do cultural activities like visiting the ‘beautiful cathedral’ and run from one recommended place to another? But what about just walking around en letting the lively streets or the peaceful parks guide you? Or what about just sitting on a bench and taking in the atmosphere and letting adventures come your way? I can promise you that the moments created this way will be the ones you will remember for the rest of your life. The moments that just happened to you instead of the ones you’re trying to control. Those are the most beautiful unique travel experiences. Like a homeless guy who joins you on that bench and turns out to know the best place in the city to watch the sunset. That is what I call ‘the art of traveling’.

It brings me to the second most important thing I’ve learned so far: letting go. Misadventures happen, bad weather happens, so does losing things and making mistakes. You can kick against the wall, you can get angry with yourself, you can cry but you can also just accept what happens and let go. You can feel that besides the things that didn’t happen the way you expected, everything isn’t so bad after all. You can learn from what happened and let yourself be surprised by where this ‘change of plans’ will take you. As life probably tried to show you in many ways: everything happens for a reason.

This year showed us that the bad things often take us to places or experiences, more beautiful than we ever could have expected. Rainy days covering the sun taught us that bad weather can also be your friend and that pain is only in the mind, if that is your choice, if you simply let go.

I’m curious what Let’s be Nomads 3.0 has in store fur us; what places we will discover, ones we never knew even to exist, what we will learn and who we will meet. I’m glad I can take you on this journey through our stories. Hopefully we can all remember each other sometimes of these six simple words: Slow yourself down and let go.