?> Alrumbo

Day 11.

July 19, 2013.

Lewis wasn’t allowed into the Alrumbo festival. We don’t really mind because there is a queue of hundreds of people waiting to get in. I ask a friend why it’s so badly organized. “This is Spain” is his answer. I guess it’s true; it’s just the country. They talk for hours, have dinner for hours and love siestas. But I like it, as there is not much stress.

After sitting in a restaurant to update our blog we are hesitating to go hitchhiking or to stay here for the weekend. There is so much more to see in Spain but the vibe in this town near Cadiz is very positive and it would be easier to find a ride when the festival is finished and everybody goes back home.

Our tent is in the forest/dunes between the town and the beach. It’s very peaceful with a few more tents around of people who couldn’t be bothered to wait in the long queue. We decide to stay, as we are perfectly happy to be in the shade with our tent for once while I enjoy finishing my book and see what the day will bring.

I go for a run along an amazing wooden pathway through the idyllic forest and end up at a party at the end of the beach. Seems like you don’t need an entrance ticket for this. I go back to get Tim and Lewis and we return to the beach for the party during sunset. It’s a fun vibe especially to be the only non-Spanish people out here. We start chatting to a guy from Seville. Again we are confronted with the bad economy here. His dad is an architect and has to work in South-America now to be able to find work. Missing his family and his wife. He went from being a very wealthy man to hardly making ends meet in a few years.

I’m very curious what the future will bring for Portugal and Spain. I keep believing that everything will eventually go upward again as I always keep looking at the good things that are happening at the moment.