?> angel gabriel

Day 9

July 17, 2013

Every 100 cars we’re switching hitchhiking duty. It’s incredibly warm and we’re a bit hangover. Four cars have stopped so far but all of them are going to Portugal and we need to go in direction of Sevilla. Tim is sleeping on the soft grass in the shade under a big tree. 479, 480, 481… finally a car stops. A guy laughs and tells me we should use a sign with the name of the city on it. I can’t really agree. First of all it has worked very well without a sign from Belgium to Ayamonte, Spain and secondly we don’t exactly know where we are going. In his perfect English with a Canadian accent, which he apparently got from watching sitcoms, he offers us a ride to a gas station at the highway to Sevilla. During our few kilometres we find out that we have a lot in common and keep chatting at the gas station for a while. Gabriel is a very talkative guy who starts talking about the recent changes in human collective consciousness, he says that if we don’t take care of our most valuable systems, the systems will take care of us, for example the climate or our economic system. He is an intelligent guy and we talk about local production systems, banking versus investors, technology and spirituality. His dream is to make a documentary; I really hope he pursues this. I think his calling is to share his knowledge. His positivity lifts up my low hitchhiking spirit after a long day of warm weather and stubborn drivers. Thanks crazy angel Gabriel. I hope to meet you again somewhere and wish you all the best.