?> Anyway the wind blows

Day 2

July 10, 2013.

It’s around 8 o’clock in the morning and the sound of children playing in the sand nearby our sleeping spot awakens me. Spending a night under the stars in nothing but our sleeping bags was a first for us, I didn’t have the best sleep ever and I still felt tired when I woke up. When I looked around the magnificent beach it all felt kind of weird. I didn’t took me long to realize I was still a bit homesick from leaving the farm. It fascinates me that even though we are living a nomadic life and are constantly on the move, we still get attached to people and things so easily. A fresh morning swim helped to get rid of the feeling, but only just a little bit.

After a while I felt the urge to move on and so we stared hitchhiking again. The first car that picked us up belonged to a German lady, who had left Stuttgart to start her own horse riding company here in Portugal. When I asked her if she missed Germany she almost shouted: “No way, there is way too much stress there. When people form Stuttgart visit me here, it takes them almost ten days before they are able to relax. So I would be crazy to go back.” After a short ride with her we found ourselves walking along the road again, not knowing who would pick us up next. Moments later a fancy big new Opel stopped and out came George, a 56-year-old Portuguese guy who was driving towards Sagres. “Where do you want to go?” he asked and almost simultaneously we said: “We have no plans so take us wherever you want to go.” We stepped in the car thinking we would drive straight to Sagres, but without even asking us he transformed into a local guide; he showed us some of the secret beaches he had discovered over the years, took us to some incredible viewpoints and treated us to some beers in one of his friends’ restaurant. He was staying at the campsite in Sagres and we decided to come along. The entry fee was kind of expensive and only just within our daily budget, entering would mean no dinner that night. Luckily for us there was George, he had too much food in his caravan and he said we didn’t have to worry, whatever food he had was ours. We spend a nice dinner with him and talked about his fascinating life. How he had been traveling and working all around Europe for more than 25 years now. He is a very happy guy, who always puts his freedom in the first place and never thinks twice to share what he has. I love his spirit and wish him all the best.

I know by now that you always attract what you want in life. I guess I just wanted another confirmation of our traveling lifestyle.
Thanks universe.