?> Burrito in lagos

Day 5
14 July, 2013.

A random day of hitchhiking.

A restless night on the beach, yesterday we started off with just our tent and next to us a French and German couple who are sleeping in their sleeping bags. Two drunken men loudly wake us up after just falling asleep with their mumbling and unhealthy coughs. At some point I finally manage to put the noise aside only to be awakened again in the early morning by some more loud farts and ugly coughs. I look outside the tent, the French left. Only the Germans and the homeless guys are still there. I also spot one man covered by a blanket with a snorkel and some flippers next to him. It’s drizzling on our tent. A rare thing in the summer in the South of Portugal.

After packing our tent we walk into the old part of Lagos to have breakfast in the Green Room. A laid-back Mexican Surfing bar. A delicious breakfast burrito, Tim’s first Burrito ever. With a full satisfied stomach and the good feeling of ‘a first’ we wander through the old town in search for some dog food.

The bars in general in Portugal are very cheap. Coffee for € 0,60 and a beer for € 1,00. Buying groceries in supermarkets is expensive though. Prices in Intermarche and Continente are similar to a Belgian supermarket. Pingo Doce is a bit cheaper, the budget supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl are the cheapest but unfortunately they don’t have nice fresh veggies, fruit or organic food.

After being stocked for tomorrow within our € 9,00 budget, it’s time to hitchhike again. Our first ride is with a Bullfighter. Yes, a real Matador. He luckily doesn’t kill them though, he says it is more like dancing with the bulls and in Portugal it is not allowed to kill them. This big strong man, with the artist name, Fernando Santos, also drives like a bullfighter in his little old car. Only 10 km later we are dropped off near Portimao on the highway. After goodbyes I warn him that he might spot us hitchhiking again somewhere in Spain on his way to a Bullfighting arena. And like the nice Germans said this morning; “We always meet twice in life.”

An hour later we are standing on top of a cliff of an even more beautiful beach than where we left in the morning, I’m surprised again by the natural wonders of the Algarve. We put our tent on a 13 acre property with an astonishing view over the ocean underneath a sign that says: “For Sale”. Sounds tempting.