?> Bye bye Antwerp, hello Madrid

We made it back to Madrid, where the heat immediately overwhelmed us. It feels good to be back in the relaxed Spanish atmosphere, where we will spend only two and a half more days until we fly to Mexico. We asked ourselves what we should do with Lewis’s carrier. We knew that it’s only two and a half kilometres walking to our favorite tree in the nearest park, which served as our roof before we went to Belgium, but walking with the large cage in between us isn’t very comfortable. I see an airport trolley and decide that if I would borrow it and bring it back in three days the airport probably wouldn’t really miss it. I strap the steering handle towards the trolley so it doesn’t make the trolley stop automatically if I don’t press the handle and I attach the dog carrier to the trolley so I can easily drive over the bumps in the road.

After 4o minutes we arrive at our spot, where playing comes immediately to Lewis’ mind when he finds his tennis ball we had left behind. Compared to our always-energetic dog, we are exhausted. So after putting up our tent, and preparing our bed we immediately fall into a deep sleep. The nine days in Belgium were too short. Nice, really nice, but too short. I often wish I could turn 24 hours magically into 30 hours a day, but unfortunately my magical powers don’t have that reach yet. We were running from one fun event to another while pushing some must-do tasks in between like going to the dentist, letting the sleeping bags being washed by a professional (quite needed after 11 months) and getting Lewis’ health certificate for Mexico. A big thanks to all the people who made our hometown feel like we never left and sorry to the people we didn’t see, but I hope it’s a good excuse for you to buy a ticket to Central-America.

Now our ‘holiday’ is over and it’s time for our daily writing again, about the adventures and misadventures in the other continent. Hopefully not to many misadventures as we did decided to take Hepatitis-A and Tetanus vaccines and even brought some malaria tablets in case those crazy mosquitos decide to sting us, we also have some antibiotics for our European stomachs and some electrolytes to give us back some energy when we go through those Mexican days on the toilet. Let’s just hope that our strong human body can withstand the Mexican endeavors, so we don’t have to endure any of these diseases. I must admit that it feels kind of nice to be ‘a little bit prepared’ for once.