?> Cadiz

Day 14.
July 22, 2013.

The one with the frisbee.

Dear Cadiz,

Before I met you, your name sounded Middle Eastern to me. And in my imagination you were a lot smaller and cozier than in reality. I can’t blame you of course, you didn’t choose your name and you do have a beautiful Cathedral in the old town centre, but your core is very, very touristy. The enormous beach reminds me of a factory; countless tractors plow the sand, loudspeakers announce ‘important safety messages’ and massive football-stadium-like lights light up the whole beach after sunset, giving it a surreal industrial look.

We woke up on the beach at the far end of the city centre and after a morning swim, we decided to test our faith in humanity in your city once more. We left all our stuff (except for our passports and electro of course) behind unattended, so we didn’t need to walk around with our heavy backpacks in this hot weather. After a visit of five hours in a city that didn’t impress me much, everything was still in the exact same place as we had left it.

Maybe it was because of the impressive historical canons above our heads, maybe it was because in general people don’t think about stealing stuff on an overcrowded beach, maybe because most people have decent morals or maybe we were just lucky…

In any case, dear Cadiz, I’ll probably won’t see you anytime soon, but thank you very much for replenishing my faith in our human race once again.

PS: Lewis wants to thank you for providing him with a new Dog-O-Soar, he has been nagging about missing his favorite frisbee for a while now and is very happy with his new copy.