?> Cenotes

I hear sounds coming from above me, I look up and right above my head I spot a bunch of bats dangling at the ceiling. Their upside down postures fascinate me and almost make me forget why I am here. I leave the creatures to themselves, take a deep breath and dive down. Once I am under the water a new world opens up to me. I see lights shining in the distance and watch how a couple of divers are illuminating the beautiful underwater world of the Dos Ojos cenote. It feels like I am watching a 3D movie, with an unseen image quality. Little small fish swim right in front of me, far away I see pieces of big rooms with beautiful white stalactites and stalagmites. I don’t want to leave, but can’t hold my breath much longer. I surface and find myself in the cave again looking around this magical place. Everything feels so surreal, is this a dream?
I decide to double check and dive down again.
Nope this is real; this is the amazing beauty of the cenotes.

How did I get here?

Before we arrived in Tulum I had never heard of sinkholes in the earth called ‘Cenotes’, but apparently they are very common in the Yucatan area. In this part of Mexico there aren’t any visible rivers, all of the water-streams flow underneath the ground. Through time some weaker earth spots collapsed creating sinkholes or cenotes. These gateways enable you to enter a magic underground cave system filled with water.


This picture is credit to Andrew Zoechbauer, together with his girlfriend Becky and his dive master Paolo they are in the process of making a documentary on the beauty of the cenotes. As soon as there video is finished I’ll post it, prepare to be amazed.

There is no doubt about it, these caves are more than worth a visit. Even if you’re not a diver you can find some very nice ones where you are allowed to snorkel or just have a look around. It is a stunning natural phenomena. There are hundreds of them and the entrance fee of the nicer ones ranges from 9 to 13 euro per person.

It wasn’t easy for us to decide which one to go to, but luckily our CS hosts Andrew and Becky had been diving in a lot of them and because of their expertise it wasn’t hard for them to convince us to go to the Dos Ojos cenote. They said this was without a doubt the nicest one for snorkeling. And they were right, it was an unforgettable experience.This is one of those things you can’t capture on an image, you have to live it to know it’s true beauty.

I sincerely hope you get the pleasure of going to one of them once in your lifetime.

Ps: Andrew is a very talented photographer, check out his images on el camino del aloha.