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I’m sitting inside a small but very cosy house, our Ipod connected to a good set of speakers. When I look out of the window I see a big garden with palm trees and a beautiful blue lagoon waterfront. In the corner of the room I spot a pair of paddles and decide to go for a kayaking trip with Tim on the lagoon after breakfast. Where are we? How did we arrive at this little paradise in Bacalar as low-budget-backpackers? It’s what we call a Couchflow.

This Couchflow is the next level of Couchsurfing. We just arrived from Tulum, where even though it was raining non-stop we had a good time, staying with our hosts Becky and Andrew, playing cards, learning from Andrews photography knowledge, working on our website and snorkelling in the Cenotes (more on this in our next blogpost). But what we enjoyed most was their passion for the Cenotes. They’re waking up at six in the morning every day to go diving with their huge underwater camera case enclosing the canon 5d, to capture the right sunlight underwater and other beautiful images of the Cenotes. When they get back to their hometown in Hawaii they will turn these shots into a video, which will definitely become a Vimeo hit. When they explain us about these natural underwater miracles you see the sparkle burning in their eyes, I hope we can share this video with you in the near future.

Our new Couchsurfing host in Bacalar, Aranza, also has a great passion; not for Cenotes but for the Mayan ruins and the lagoon with its seven shades of blue and its fascinating bird species. She shares this passion guiding tourists at the ruins, if she isn’t working at her mums’ Turkish kebab restaurant in Chetumal, near the boarder of Belize.

We are planning on staying at this little paradise in Bacalar for another few days. After which we can join Aranza in her car to Chetumal where the Couchflow continues at our next host and where we have the bonus of trying Aranzas’ mums best Kebab restaurant of the Americas. This better be true, as Tim has been spoiled with a lot of excellent Leuven-Kebabs during his Uni years.

We love this Couchflow. Constantly being helped by amazing people; who save us from the rain and inspire us with their knowledge and passion.

Thanks again Couchsurfing.