?> Dolphins

Day 10.

18 July, 2013

What a difference a day makes.

Today we decided to take it slow, have a chill day at the beach and start hitchhiking at the end of the day around 7pm, when everyone leaves the beach to return home. It was a non-eventful beach day, in the contrary to yesterday when we were spoiled in the morning by four dolphins that gave a free tumbling show about 100 meters away from where we had put up our tent. I had said a couple of times to Val that I would love to see dolphins in real life and here they were, it was if they had come to say hello to me. One thing I can cross off my bucket list. Today’s beach at Pumta Umbria was incredibly long and full of old fat tourists playing dominos under their colorful umbrellas. Not only the older people had a bit of overweight, but a lot of younger ones as well. I wondered out loud if there really was a crisis in Spain. Val replied that in a crisis people will buy cheap unhealthy food, but I don’t know if I can fully agree with that…

At 7pm we felt our tanning day needed to come to an end and started a new hitchhiking adventure. Hitchhiking is always a true adventure, you never know who will pick you up and where you’ll end up. It didn’t take long before we were enjoying the first ride of the day; a nice Spanish couple from Madrid, who offered us an ice-cold beer. Nice! Good hitching start. After about 15 km they dropped us in Huelva, an industrial city, were we didn’t want to stay too long. Our prayers were heard, because about 30 minutes later a van stopped and out came Maria, a vibrant Andalusian girl who gave us a hug and welcomed us into her car. Together with her boyfriend David she was on her way to a festival in Cadiz, did we want a ride? Of course we did! It is a cheap festival, so maybe we’ll join them for a couple of days, depends on if the festival allows dogs though. Fingers crossed!