?> Flintstones

Day 6,

14 July, 2013

Time for some Algarve coastline exploration.

Saying yes definitely has its advantages. Our last ride yesterday brought us to another amazing part of Portugal we would probably never have found without simply saying “Yes” to the question: “Do you want me to take you to a nice beach?”.

The first beach we discovered was only accessible through a cave and when we walked down the stairs carved into the rocks it looked like we had set foot onto the set of a Flintstones movie. There are caves all around the small white sandy beach and there is a stairway carved into the side of one of the giant cliffs that leads to nowhere, but gives you an amazing view over the whole beach and the ability to take a 15 meter high drop into the ocean. After a good long swim we decided to discover the other six hanging valleys. All of them were beautiful, some only reachable with a boat, but nevertheless stunningly beautiful. If you anywhere near Portimao or Lagos the seven hanging valley walk is definitely more than worth doing.

In the end of the day we started talking about the future and what we wanted out of life. A part of us wants to create our own business, a house, a hostel, something we can call home. The other part of us wants to be Nomads for the rest of our lives, enjoying what this world has to offer. But where can we find the balance? What is our goal? So after a long discussion we came to the same conclusion we have made so many times before; why don’t we forget about the future and enjoy what we have right now? A life that grants us the freedom to follow our heart every day and enjoy life, so for the rest of the night that is exactly what we did.

Look around and love what is.