?> Hitchhiking muscles

Day 1

July 9, 2013.

We enjoy a delicious homemade ‘Italian Gelato’. It’s another day of at least 35 degrees Celsius and again no clouds to be seen. At the same restaurant as where we were dropped off on our first day in Odeceixe, two months ago.

After the last goodbye we start hitchhiking and are reminded that it’s not always as easy as it seems. Even at a coast that has hundreds of vans full of travelers driving around daily.

We work on our harmonica skills, grab a chair from the restaurant and after almost an hour we are offered a ride for 10 kilometres. In the past we would have said no. Often it’s tempting to wait for a car that goes a bit further. But we decided to let this trip be guided by opportunities so we throw our bags in the car. After a nice chat we are dropped off at a good location: a gas station. My favourite spot because it includes many positive features like toilets, shade and a shop. We notice a green field next to the gas station and decide that would be a good camping spot if we don’t get picked up. With a cold beer in our hands we work on our hitchhiking muscles. Seriously they exist. We laugh with the old local men who pass by on their bikes and point to their carrier with a big smile. And are entertained by a guy who interviews us while he’s talking with the Portuguese radio through his phone, and some old mumbling man tells us that we could work in Madeira if we speak Spanish. Thanks for the tip.

A red vintage extended Renault five flickers his lights and stops. Cool German surfing dude. He works for a few weeks in Portugal on and off as a carpenter. He drops us off at a beach we never heard of before, Praia de Monte Clerico. It’s after seven pm, perfect, this means Lewis can join us on the beach. We drop our bags. I look around and enjoy the fact that if we hadn’t taken that 10 kilometres ride we probably wouldn’t have ended up here. It’s a beautiful sunset and I walk into the refreshing water. Excited about all that’s yet to come.