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This was the exact question I asked Mr Google a little while ago. In general, the top results give you a good idea on how to do, well almost about anything, but this particular answer left me a bit unsatisfied, so I decided to walk you through my own experience and write my own how-to instructions.

IMG_2048How to make a raft out of plastic bottles.

Things you need for a comfortable, long-lasting, four-person pirate raft:

–       99 5L bottles with lids -> this will support about 495 kg, thank you Mr Archimedes 😉

–       A light wooden platform 2m x 2m x 3cm

–       4 wooden planks 2m x 15cm x 2cm

–       2 small wooden planks 2m x 6cm x 2cm

–       Chicken wire, 3m x 2m

–       Nails

–       Hammer

–       Saw


–       Rope

–       Screwdriver drill

–       Screws

–       An old black T-shirt

–       White paint

–       One 2m stick (an old broom will do just fine)

–       Old T-shirts and clothes

You are of course free to adapt the quantities of the above materials to your needs and the measurements don’t need to be precise to the millimetre.




1)   Screw the wooden planks onto the sides of the wooden platform in order to create a side support for the bottles.

2)   Screw the 2 small wooden planks onto the platform at about 1/3 and 2/3 of the length to divide the bottles into three rows and to be able to attach the chicken wire later on.

3)   Tie the bottles together with the rope into blocks of 9 and 12; in total you’ll need 3 x 9 and 6 x 12.

4)   Put 2 blocks of 12 and one of 9 in one of the outside rows, making it a total of 33 bottles. Put the bottles with the flat part onto the wooden platform. Make sure the lids are properly closed.

5)   Apply the chicken wire with a hammer and nails. Make sure it is firm.

6)   Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other 2 rows.

7)   Paint a pirate logo with white paint on the inside of the back T-shirt and attach it to the stick. You can use our featured image.

8)   Make Pirate clothing out of the old clothes. Use scissors to your liking.

9)   Find a river or lake and sail ahead, yar!

10) Well done! You have become worthy pirates!


Ps: You don’t need to follow steps 7 to 10, but it makes the whole experience way more fun! And don’t forget paddles…