?> Irish Coffee

Day 12.

July 20, 2013.

The one with the Irish Coffee.

Day two of our self-created festival, this time we decided to go to the beach a little bit earlier and party with the Spanish like it is 1999. As soon as we set foot on the playa it felt like we were in Ibiza. Serious beats, a lot of bikinis and naked torsos. We get into the vibe and start dancing to the dubstep versus drum and bass tunes. After a few dance moves we try shaping our acro-yoga skills, we learned some cool moves from Jenna and Alex at the farm in Odeceixe, but it seems that we need a little bit more practice. We have multiple attempts at the throne position but we just can’t seem to succeed, luckily the sand doesn’t really hurt when Val tumbles to ground for the 10th time. We will perfection our skills and deliver a picture perfect throne position any time soon though. 😉

The party ends at sunset and we decide to go to our favorite bar/restaurant to treat ourselves to an Irish coffee. The young bartender doesn’t really know how to make a good one and his first attempt tastes anything but Irish, so I convince Val to teach him how to make a proper one. She immediately takes on her role as master bartender and four or five other bartenders come and have a look to watch what all the fuss is about. Ten minutes later I am enjoying a Val Cook signature Irish coffee and Val is getting served one by the bartender, who incorporated Val’s technique perfectly and delivered his first real Irish Coffee. A proud moment in a young boy’s life.

Try the recipe yourself.


A spoon of cane sugar. 

Mix it with the Whiskey in the glass and heat it with the steamer or in a pan.

Add the hot coffee.

Top it off with whipped cream.

And let your senses go wild.