?> Leffe in Spain

Day 16.

July 24, 2013.

The one with the Leffe.

Wake-up call by the security guard of the secret festival at 7am. “You have 5 minutes to pack up your stuff, they will let the animals out very soon and they are not so friendly”. What?! Good morning to you too, was all I could think. Apparently we had put our tent in a field that belonged to some goats and other grass-eating mammals… Not sure what had happened to our new Spanish friends, who had promised to give us a ride to the beach, we started packing as fast as we could. I felt like being in an episode of Fort Boyard. We set a new packing record and about 10 minutes later the guard drove us back to the festival ground, where a couple of bohemian artists were having the time of their life playing some improvised acoustic tunes.

Nice, but only “volunteering residents” were allowed to stay, so a few minutes later we were standing by an abandoned road in the middle of the nowhere. I guess our Spanish friends were forced to leave the festival before us and didn’t bother to wake us. Anyhow, the day was very young so we were bound to end up somewhere. We were standing by the road trying to figure out what to do, when suddenly a car appeared out of nowhere. Two guys asked where we were going. “Tarifa” we said. “Jump in, we are going to Algeciras”. I remember thinking how crazy this universe is. Once we got to Algeciras we tried hitchhiking some more, because we felt the day was young and this wasn’t the nicest place to stay. We put our bags in the shade at a gas station and started asking people for a ride. We tried for hours, but no luck. I spotted a Lidl across the street and decided to make our day a bit more fun by getting some cold beers. Unfortunately Lidl doesn’t have a cold beer department, but I spotted some Belgian Leffe’s and because I had the feeling we would be stuck at the gas station for a while I decided to get creative. I hid 4 Leffe’s under some frozen carrots and pies, in the hope they would be ice cold in an hour or so. It worked like a charm, probably the best tasting Leffe of my life.

We had given up on hitchhiking, but suddenly a friendly young guy came up to us and asked if we wanted to go to the local beach a few kilometers away. The beach of Getare is very touristy but nonetheless beautiful and has an amazing view on Gibraltar. We were exhausted and very happy to finally be able to put up our tent in the dunes. We fell a sleep almost instantly.